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Renovation Scaffolding Projects in Wantage, Oxfordshire

We provide wide range of scaffolding services for any type of house renovation building work:

Domestic Scaffolding in Wantage and Oxfordshire

As reputable local Scaffolders, we will assist you on your Home Project with forethought, responsibility and respect. At i.Scaff Safety Netting & Access Solutions Ltd we are big enough to cope, small enough to care.

Whether self building a new home, renovating, repairing or converting yor property, or building an extension large or small. We will work to your timescale and specifications, designing a purpose built scaffold to give you a safe working platform to reach anywhere you need to.

i.Scaff Safety Netting & Access Solutions Ltd cover all scenarios for the Oxfordshire homeowner wishing to work on their own property and needing secure access to any and all areas.

New Build Scaffolding in Wantage and Oxfordshire areas

i.Scaff Safety Netting & Access Solutions Ltd have years of experience on domestic and commercial New Builds necessary to design your scaffolding for maximum effectiveness and safety. We wiill erect the scaffolding in stages with the external building works until the top lift at roof level. We will adapt the scaffold promptly and efficiently to avoid any potentially costly delays.

So if you're looking for a scaffolding company in Oxfordshire with many years experience in the scaffolding trade then look no further than i.Scaff Safety Netting & Access Solutions Ltd. Whether it’s a query or a quote, pick up the phone and call 07801953457 today or visit our contact page or send us an email.

Access Scaffolding

We will use Independent Tied Scaffold Towers, which derive no vertical support from the building for horizontal stability. Our Ties will never involve major intervention into the historic masonry.

Home Extensions

Extending your home can be easily manageable if you get a quote from your high quality Local company, i.Scaff Safety Netting & Access Solutions Ltd, we are expert in Home Extensions.

We are trustworthy and capable scaffolders in Your area ready to provide the information you need to plan your project from dream to delivery.

Re-Roofing and Re-Thatching

All re-roofing projects require scaffolding. At i.Scaff Safety Netting & Access Solutions Ltd we are proficient in designing unique scaffold solutions for Tile Repair, Thatch Replacement or Solar Panel Installation on all properties.

We can provide temporary roofing and weather proofing, in the UK that's usually an essential element on re-roofing projects.

Temporary Roofs

At i.Scaff Safety Netting & Access Solutions Ltd we are adept at designing and erecting Temporary Roofs and secure weather proofing.

Our temporary roofs are scaffold structures that cover your building and offer protection from damage and inclement weather, allowing internal works or roof works to take place effortlessly.

Chimney Scaffolding

Chimney Scaffolds are used for obtaining access to those difficult to reach chimney stacks for a variety of purposes including re-pointing or re-building.

A scaffold access platform is the only logical solution to give you a safe place of work whilst working at high level.

i.Scaff Safety Netting & Access Solutions Ltd will erect a scaffold tower from ground to gutter level then provide the further access by erecting a series of scaffolding lifts on the roof up to the chimney.

Conservatory Repair

You need scaffolding around your Conservatory to safely re-new the glass or tiled roof.

We will erect scaffold underneath the gutter line and/or over the top of the glass or tiled roof to give a secure step-on access platform for fitting your new roof covering.